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Dear Parents, Athletes and Friends,

I would like to introduce everyone to the newly formed NRGMatrix Warriors Fund. This charitable non-profit organization was recently founded by former World Champion Metalist Master Hyon Lee and Dr. Dennis J. Carlo, President/CEO of Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation. Dr. Carlo donated the seed money to establish the Warriors fund.

The Warriors Fund was founded with the mission to supply the necessary funds, personnel and proper environment to train motivated and talented taekwondo athletes with the ultimate goal of building and assembling a U.S.A. NRGmatrix taekwondo team that is capable of effectively competing with the top taekwondo teams throughout the world, including the Olympic team. The Warriors Fund will supply the financial support to enable the NRGmatrix team to compete both on the National and International level. There will be a minimum of 4 International events in which the Team will participate.

The NRGmatrix Warriors will be comprised of eight senior men and eight senior women. The Team members will be objectively chosen based on their accomplishments and their taekwondo athletic ability. They will be required to represent NRGmatrix at all times during competitive events and each team member will be held to the highest level of honesty, integrity and work ethic.

In addition to the Senior Team, there will be a NRGmatrix “Junior Development Academy”. The Academy’s objective will be to identify and develop our young taekwondo athletes in order to prepare them for the Senior Team. The juniors will occasionally train with the seniors and will be exposed to the top National and International coaches. The juniors will be required to maintain a “B” average in school. The top junior athletes will be eligible for financial support which will be used to send them to selected National and International events. This type of exposure will begin to give them the psychological edge that will aid them in their development as elite taekwondo athletes.

If you would like to help support your son, daughter or just a friend in attaining their taekwondo dream, please donate any amount that you feel comfortable with. Your donation should be sent to:

NRGMatrix Warriors Fund
12222 Poway Rd.
Poway, CA 92064

Remember, the NRGmatrix Warriors Fund is a 501(c)3 non-profit public charity and anything you give is tax deductable. Click here and learn more about how to become a member of the Warriors Team.

About the NRGmatrix Drink Dr. Dennis J. Carlo and Dr. Sheldon Hendler were responsible for formulating NRGmatrix, a functional, wholesome, healthy new energy drink. NRGmatrix is a mushroom based drink composed of both organic and natural ingredients that work with the body to enhance energy, increase your ability to focus, boosts your immune system and assists your body in exercise recovery. There is nothing on the market like it!

In closing, please help elevate taekwondo in the U.S. to the status it was in the past. Help see that taekwondo remains an Olympic sport and help the “Taekwondo Warriors” become the Best of the Best. With a little assistance, your son, your daughter or a friend’s dream can become a reality. Please give anything you can, and be certain, no donation is too small.

Very Best Regards,
Dr. Dennis J. Carlo



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