Reason for Joining Taekwondo: As a kid I grew up watching “The Ninja Turtles” and “The Power Rangers.” Naturally I ended up wanting to be one, with my childhood dreams. Fortunately for me there was a small Taekwondo studio about a mile from my house. My parents signed me up for classes and since then I have steadily created and reached new goals for Taekwondo each day. What Taekwondo Means to me: Taekwondo has been a giant part of my life since I was five years old. In the beginning it was an activity or a hobby. As I got older and more mature it became much more. It has become a way of life. I have grown to invest body, mind, and spirit into my Taekwondo life.

"It has made me a stronger person, knowing that no matter how hard things are if I just relax and focus then anything is possible, no matter what the activity is."

What my Goals are for Taekwondo: I have had many goals since joining Taekwondo. The obvious one, of getting my black belt was accomplished when I was 8 years old. I then set out to become proficient in competing at sport Taekwondo and becoming a National champion, which I eventually accomplished. I then set the goal of making the AAU National Team (accomplished 2012). I am now striving to make the USAT National team and represent my country at the World Championships. I wish to attend Pan Am Championships or Pan Am Games, World Championships and Olympic Games at least once. I want to compete amongst the best and then fulfill other goals in life, such as graduating college and starting a family.

  • 2015
    • US Team Trials (Sr. Bantam): 1st (USA Team)
  • 2014
    • US Open (Senior Bantam): QUARTER FINALIST
    • Nevada State Championships (Senior Bantam): GOLD
    • NCTA Nationals (Senior Bantam): GOLD
    • World University Championships (Senior Bantam): BRONZE
    • USAT Nationals (Senior Bantam): SILVER
  • 2013
    • Nevada State Championship (Senior Bantam): GOLD
    • CUTA State Championships (Senior Feather): SILVER
    • USAT Nationals (Senior Bantam): BRONZE
    • Taipei City Open (Senior Bantam): BRONZE
  • 2012
    • Canada Open (Sr. Bantam): SILVER
    • Korea Open (Sr. Bantam): BRONZE
    • USAT Nationals (Sr. Bantam): BRONZE
  • 2011
      • USAT Nationals (Sr. Bantam): GOLD
      • AAU Nationals (Sr. Bantam): SILVER
      • AAU Team Trials (Sr. Bantam): 1st (Team Member)
    Team Trials (Sr. Bantam): 1st (Team Member)
    • Collegiate Nationals (Sr. Bantam): SILVER
  • 2010
    • Costa Rica Open (Sr. Bantam): BRONZE
    • AAU Nationals (Sr. Bantam): GOLD
    • AAU Team Trials (Sr. Bantam): 2nd (B Team Member)
  • 2009
    • AAU Nationals (Sr. Bantam): GOLD
    • AAU Team Trials (Sr. Bantam): 2nd (B Team Member)
    • YIC International Festival (Sr. Bantam): GOLD
  • 2007
    • AAU Nationals (Sr. Bantam): SILVER

Chase Graham

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